The Narrow Frame of Midnight
director : tala hadid

Our producer Diloy Gulun is proud to be credited as Executive Producer of "The Narrow Frame of Midnight" by Tala Hadid premiered in 2014 Toronto Film Festival. It will also be in London Film Festival on 18-19 October 2014.

director : steve green

Shot a 5 days campaign in 19 different locations in/around Istanbul for Heineken with Steve Green from Bare Films UK

One Night in Istanbul
director : james marquand

"One Night in Istanbul" finally hit the movie theaters across UK & Ireland with a glorious gala in Odeon cinema in Liverpool. Steven Gerrard said "People still talk about Istanbul everyday" in his interview. Check it out!

director : frederic lagrange

Summer arrived with a global Vodafone campaign for Ogilvy NYC, shot by Frederic Lagrange, brought us back together with our beloved Dillywood again.

director : ronald koetzier

Nestle Chocolate commercial we produced for Publicis Gold with Ronald Koetzier is finally on air! Shot on location in one of the summer palaces of Ottoman era. Chocolate demo shot by Shootfood.

benvenuti a tavola 2
director : lucio pellegrini

We had the immense joy of hosting Mediaset’s famous Italian TV series Benvenuti A Tavola – 2nd season for 2 final episodes (2x17 and 2x18) in Istanbul. Wedding scene was especially fun to participate. Check it out!

director : Peter Salmi

Peter Salmi shot the latest Dettol campaign to tell the world that your family means everything to you .It was a pleasure to work with Havas Worldwide Dubai.

panda supermarket – food awareness campaign
director : engin yalci

3 Points Advertising trusted their new Panda Supermarket – Food Awareness Campaign with 4 films to our director Engin Yalci. Imaj Post Production delivered an excellent Sahsouh character that will be the lead actor of the upcoming Panda commercials in the near future too.

taken 2
director : olivier megaton

we made this! enjoy! 

vanish power powder – aladdin
director : pete salmi

thanks to aladdin & his vanish power powder, we had a nice ride with euro rscg london and bare films london  on the magic carpet. meeting pete salmi & clare timms was an added pleasure!

shell autogas (2012)
director : daniel borjesson

our dear daniel borjesson was on the streets this time for the new tvc for shell autogas. as this was our 4th Shell commercial in the last 2 years, we are now experts in HSSE!

w collection
director : guy sagy

our exclusive guy sagy was behind the camera for the first ever TVC of  w collection by vakko. the two stunning models, Roos and Angel put on and take off many colourful clothes like a fashion show on the catwalk. it was great fun working in a spectacular glass house on the country side.

nesfit - pre-summer tag-on
director : engin yalci

as summer was knocking on our door, engin yalci shot the new promotional campaigns of nesfit with supermodel Tulin Sahin. it was refreshing to start the shooting day by the seaside on a lovely sunny morning.

The Reluctant Fundamentalist
director : Mira Nair

another miracle happened and we found ourselves around the most ravishing Mira Nair and her lovely crew and the most important of all, shooting a part of her last film “The Reluctant Fundamentalist” in Istanbul. It was a profound experience for all of us. Impatiently waiting for the opening day of the film next year.

tropical isaland in Tokat
director : ismael ten heuvel

we turned Tokat into a tropical island for Pinkrabbit! and shot the latest dutch lottery TVC with our beloved Ismael. it was great working with you always!

director : engin yalci

our young director engin yalci's first commercial mitsubishi yuhao & dididi is awarded by Crystal Apple.
before the first half of 2011 ended, he shot his 10th commercial already. we strongly advice you to follow him, because he is coming with strong steps.

mitsubishi a/c
director : engin yalci

mitsubishi klima & manajans JWT entrusted their summer campaign, special features, that consists of 4 TVCs, once more to engin yalci & karma. It was, as usual, a lot of fun from the creation process to presentation, thanks to super cool mitsubishi klima team and our beloved friends in Manajans.

eti crax - dance
director : murad kucuk

shot 3 films for eti crax under antalya’s “scorching(!)” sun in may, after waiting for it to show up weeks after weeks in istanbul, with award winning foreign dancers flying in & out multiple times. thank god it was with propaganda so that we had lots of fun and ended up adding 3 impressive films into our portfolio.

first sensations
director : engin yalci

we all constantly rolled up with laughter while enginego was shooting the new promotional campaign for first sensations. it contains 1 tv film and several virals. check them out and make your day!

coca cola sensory
director : murad kucuk

with statuesque justin gaston & drop dead gorgeous cecily rodriguez from ford models, murad kucuk shot 3 striking commercials for the new coca cola sensory campaign with mccann erickson team. It was a great pleasure seeing toby behind the camera again.

director : murad kucuk

at the end of feb, spent 2 fun nights in koctas stores with 30 dancers and 100 koctas personnel dancing all night for koctas’ new image campaign! murad kucuk shot it with our beloved dp martin szecsanov. it was lovely meeting & working with ad-stop team.

mariachi 360 viral
director : infectiousKARMA

dudu entrusted their last mariachi 360 viral project to infectiousKARMA and we did a gooood job! 360 camera and its super cool crew came from london. models & dancers filled “the hall” all day long with their latin dance moves.

mariachi - cinema
director : murad kucuk

murad kucuk, on the very same day with 360 project, beautifully shot a cinema version for mariachi that was completed with murat uncuoglu’s music.

director : daniel borjesson

had the immense pleasure of shooting seramiksan’s first ever launch campaign in manisa with daniel borjesson with whom we all fell in love! meeting tayga soysalturk, his creative genius and excellent sense of humour was also an added benefit of this project for us.
check seramiksan shops out when you need to change your tiles. they are beautiful!

hobby for men
director : murad kucuk

after a long and arduous journey with our beloved manajans jwt team and with our dedicated crew, we finally had the pleasure of seeing hobby for men "shaving foam" and "testimonial" tvcs on air! murad kucuk shot them with turkey’s most handsome rising star burak ozcivit with the help of an experienced sfx team that successfully managed the explosions.

yuhao & didididi
director : engin yalci

new year started with 2 super fun mitsubishi electric ac tvcs, granted to us with full faith & credit by manajans jwt.
yuhao & didididi are successfully directed by engin yalci who is the absolute young blood of karma.

shell autogas tvc
director : murad kucuk

can you believe that this is the first film ever that this little chap berke acted in? he is a sweetheart really.
murad kucuk shot shell autogas tvc which is the first shell product film that is not an adaptation but shot in turkey.

2010 backstage
director : karma films

Karma people worked really hard, but had so much fun too in 2010! check it out how!
in 2011 good karma is gonna get ya!